Software Solutions

One size doesn't fit all . . . That's the whole idea behind our approach to custom software development. Every business should have its' own cost-effective applications, tailored specifically to its' particular culture and needs.

Whether you are a start up company or an organization that is well established, we can develop an individual software package to meet your needs. We can integrate a database application with your ERP, make it web accessible or create a program from scratch that will enhance your organizations productivity. Our talented programmers have the ability to make your idea into a fully functioning software application.

Enterprise-transforming applications must do more than integrate new, advanced, customer-facing functionality with already existing core IT assets. Applications have to be able to negotiate a high volume of transactions, across multiple systems and platforms, between millions of data points, in a fraction of a second, seamlessly, flawlessly, and continuously. A failure at any point means the transaction fails and you don't want that.

It may seem obvious, but every custom software development project is different. We wield a range of methodologies, and apply the right one for each particular engagement. Is there any other way? Our solutions are elegant. Our solutions are scalable, our solutions are secure and our solutions allow us to integrate your company's past with its future. Which is why we're quickly earning a reputation as the firm that's raising heavy coding to an art form.

Web Solutions

Our hosting services were developed after receiving particularly bad service from a number of hosting companies. We found them inflexible and more interested in taking our money than helping with our after-sales enquiries. Needless to say, they lost our business very quickly.

All the staff at My Technologies has a background in customer services. We understand that many individuals and small businesses do not have the expertise or the knowledge to set up their websites by themselves. Employing web designers and technical staff on a contract basis can be very expensive. We can do all this for you at a cost that will keep you smiling, every time you visit your website.

Our aim is to provide "big company services" at very competitive prices, but with the personal attention and friendly support of a small family business. You will find our prices very good value for money, our service of the highest quality and our advice, always free and relevant. You are probably wondering why our prices are so good.

Do we give a less quality service? Perhaps the servers we use are old and slow? The fact is that the servers we use are always kept up to date with the latest hardware and software, they reside on fast networks in U.S. at state of the art data centers with 24 hour support, full fire suppression systems, air conditioning and power backup. The fact is that our hosting is probably as high quality as it can get. Add to this our fast, reliable customer service and you have a value for money package that is as robust and functional as many of the highest priced hosting companies all over the world.

We provide following Services under Web solutions
>> Domain Registration
>> Web Hosting
>> Website Designing
>> Web based Application
>> Search Engine Optimisation
>> Data Management
>> e-commerce & Portals
>> Community Portal along with Directory

Bulk SMS | Bulk Email

SMS has progressively become a major application to drive the development of the mobile data market. As mobile penetration is increasing, SMS is becoming the most convenient, fast and cheap way to information sharing. Information availability in such an information age is strength in the business. MySmS is providing world class SMS services to cater to your business needs.

My SmS
Web-based applications provide the power of server applications with the flexibility and accessibility of the Web. Using Web browsers, users can securely access applications from anywhere.
Basic Features
>> Cost Effective
>> Time Saving
>> Anywhere Access
>> Online Data Management
>> Address Book with Grouping
>> Scheduled messages
>> Contacts Import Facility
>> Customised SmS Templates

WhatsApp Transactional API

WhatsApp Transactional API

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