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As we all know that Tally is one of the best accounting software for all kind of industries, sectors. But there are many companies or firms who already have their customised or tailor made inventory systems or they have only billing systems. Still they require their accounts to be maintained in Tally only, so normally they repeat the task again & pass summarised entries again in Tally. They waste their time, energy & more precisely man hours which in today's competitive world none of the company can afford to waste.

In order to provide solution to such issues, we now provides Bridging application between Tally Accounting Software & your customised application, features of which given below:-

>> Save Time & energy & precise man hours.

>> Accuracy of data between Tally & your application by removing manual input.

>> Daily or summarised transactions in Tally

>> Reduce the burden on Tally by dividing stock & accounts in two separate applications.

>> Very much useful for Distributors, Whole sellers, Service providers etc.

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